The Feasts  

During the 10's, 20's, 30’s, and 40's, the Italian feasts flourished, as did La Banda Rossa.
Music and La Banda Rossa were an important part of these processions and feasts.
Some of the religious feasts in Utica, N.Y., during this time included:
Sante Giuseppe  (St. Joseph)
Sante Rocco  (St. Rocco)
Madonna Assunta
Madonna del Piano
Sante Antonio  (St. Anthony)
Santa Rosalia  (St. Rosalie)
Santi Cosmo & Damaino
Not only did La Banda Rossa play for the feasts in Utica, but also in the surrounding areas that included the Feasts of Frankfort, N.Y.:  
Madonna Adolorato
Madonna del Provedenzia
Sante Francesco di Paolo
It was during this time other Italian Bands appeared on the scene:
Frankfort Citizens Band
Herkimer Italian Band
La Banda Bianco of Rome NY
Rome Liberty Band and
La Banda Bianco (The White Band) – which merged into La Banda Rossa after the War Years.
These groups flourished until WWII. After the war most of these bands never re-organized.
The exception, however, was La Banda Rossa which remained strong and in demand.